Black Friday. A black day for earth.


I walked into a big department store here in Sweden yesterday. First I get all exited. So much nice looking stuff. Smart gadgets, pretty clothes, shiny kitchen supplies, stylish make up, little things here and there that I – don’t need. Not at all.

I believe in small scale productions, locally made things, unique, one of a kind handcrafted pieces or wearing out clothes instead of just wearing clothes. Mending, fixing, handing down, reading a book, have a coffee or just do anything that doesn’t mean buying another cheap item that will not last for long. I don’t always manage to live by my own conviction but I try. When I steer off my environmental  track once in a while I try to get back on the conscious track as soon as I can. Bye smart, buy quality, buy second hand. Less but better, more unique and maybe Black Friday will just vanish into a black hole.

Painting. The little black one, 92×73 cm. Oil on canvas. In swedish: ”Den lilla svarta”.



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