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Happy Mending Day!

Let’s challenge Black Friday with an official Mending Day. A day to take care of what we already have.  Are there clothes/things one need and can get for a good price on a Black Friday sale, fine. But for most of us it is probably more a want than a need. So bring out needle and tread and fix the whole in your sweater, pimpRead More
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Dream on

Where you dream is of no importance when you dream is up to you It is that you dream that mattersRead More
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In-between-painting. Clearing the mind. Paus. Putting the brush on the canvas. Go with the flow of the mind, pick colors by feeling, everything goes. Test: use no white. Blue! Have no idea. Not my typical color to use. Why not. See what happens. A face! What a surprise. I never do that! (Ironi) Flowers! How strange. I never do that. A woman! So unusual. IRead More
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Some paintings are simply brain cleaning. I carry around images in my head, sometimes for years. Some are louder than others and push themselves out on to a canvas. Like this one. Title: “Naturally” Oil on canvas. 73x91cmRead More
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