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Grey as grey can beno sun as far as eye can seesmudge and smearbright colors stay clearthe palette is muteno shine or sparkonly a few hours till dark Painting: Grey Mist, Oil on canvas. 20×20 cm. (2018). (Poem, Nov 18, 2020)Read More
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A series of paintings. ”Four expressions”. At an exhibition it is neat to see paintings in series. I manage to stay focused sometimes to actually create some sort of group that can hang together. And then I end up selling one painting in the series and the rest are packed down and stowed away. Like these. Four Expressions. (Oil on canvas.) Showed at an artRead More
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Ownership Issue I. Oil on canvas. 23×21 cm. She believes that she has a cat. The cat believes that the lady belongs to him. I miss our cat, The Intrepid Spaceman Spiff. Spiff for short. He used to hang out in our neighbors stable or sleeping on an old windsurfing sail bag in the garage. When we moved in to the city we didn’t thinkRead More
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I love my friends, I love meeting new people, I love watching people and I love going to new places. And still, I sometimes have to force myself to go out. It always seem to be a better idea to stay at home or rather at my easel. It is just never boring. The paint itself makes me want to stay. The next stroke withRead More
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