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Where you dream is of no importance when you dream is up to you It is that you dream that mattersRead More
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In-between-painting. Clearing the mind. Paus. Putting the brush on the canvas. Go with the flow of the mind, pick colors by feeling, everything goes. Test: use no white. Blue! Have no idea. Not my typical color to use. Why not. See what happens. A face! What a surprise. I never do that! (Ironi) Flowers! How strange. I never do that. A woman! So unusual. IRead More
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Some paintings are simply brain cleaning. I carry around images in my head, sometimes for years. Some are louder than others and push themselves out on to a canvas. Like this one. Title: “Naturally” Oil on canvas. 73x91cmRead More
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It is all about connecting, the dots, the words, the elements that flow around, scattered and visibly alone, apart and disconnected. Anchoring the ones that stand alone, connecting what belongs together and bridging the ones that have drifted away. Saving what’s good and forget about the rest. Oh, that applies to painting as well. “Out of Power”, “No Focus” “Power of Thoughts”. Title: ”Power”, oilRead More
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