Hanging together

At an exhibition it is neat to see paintings in series. I manage to stay focused sometimes to actually create some sort of group that can hang together. And then I end up selling one painting in the series and the rest are packed down and stowed away. Like these. Four Expressions. (Oil on canvas.) Showed at an art show here in Stockholm back in …

Sommar i stan

Sommarateljé i stan, så perfekt. Ingen kö på favoritfiken, ingen stress på gatorna och gångtempot präglas av turisternas karttittande lunk. Bra läge för fokusering och kreativ koncentration. Summerstudio in the city. So perfect. No lines at my favorite coffeeshop, no stress on the streets and people has cooled down their walking pace, inspired by tourists look-at-map-stroll-around-the-city-tempo. A good time for focused work and creative concentration.